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What's New with your Toowoomba Automatic Door Specialists!

You get an Automatic Door! And you get an Automatic Door! We feel like Oprah!

It's been busy, busy, busy here at Access Automatic Doors in Toowoomba. Our Team of Technicians have been hard at it installing, servicing and repairing doors all over our region!

Our most recent install was an aluminium framed, single slide door at Toowoomba Engineering on Carrington Road. The Australian Made, ADIS NGA Series Operator boasts a slimline modern design and multiple safety features to ensure maximum user safety. High-security electric motor locking system, UPS Lithium (Uninterrupted Power Supply) which can allow doors to continue to operate under power failure and the provision to interface with building security and fire systems are only some of the incredible benefits of the quality Australian Made units we use.


They're looking SHARP at Sharpy's in Chinchilla with the installation of an aluminium framed, bi-parting automatic door! These doors also had a specialised tint added to help combat the afternoon sun, adding this tint is expected to help reduce cooling cost as it decreases the overall ambient temperature by 7 degrees, it also blocks 99% of UV Rays.


It's going to be another busy month so keep your eyes peeled to see the next Toowoomba's Newest Automatic Doors!

Needing your automatic door serviced or repaired? Wanting a new automatic door? Call our friendly team to discuss your options - 1300 677 792!

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